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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jovanna Barrón has quickly become a coveted real estate agent in the greater Seattle area. With a passion for helping others, her clients have described her as communicative, attentive, personable, and patient.

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This can only be verified by a mortgage loan officer. However, they look at Credit, Debt to Income ratio, Income/Job history, Down Payment, and check for any previous bankruptcies or foreclosures, when determining the amount that a buyer can receive a mortgage loan for.

Meeting with a mortgage loan officer to discuss financing and to obtain a pre-approval letter is the first step of the home buying process, this occurs before starting the home search with an agent.

This can vary depending on the buyer, however, the average buyer sees 10 houses before submitting their first offer.

Yes! I recommend to all buyers to conduct a home inspection before or after taking possession of a property, unless there was already a seller-procured inspection conducted.

Meeting with a realtor at the property, to receive a valuation of the property. This is also a time to discuss any repairs or modifications to be made prior to listing, and create a timeline for the expected listing date.

Closing time frame is dependent upon who the buyer chooses as their lender. Generally speaking, bigger banks and credit unions have a standard of 30-45 day closing periods, while local lenders typically close in 14-21 days. 

In our Seattle market, the busiest and best time to buy or sell is the Springtime and Summertime.


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